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HPE StoreEver LTO-7 Ultrium
Announcing the next-generation of LTO-7 Ultrium tape archival solutions

As businesses understand that storing, securing, and repurposing data assets are fundamental to their success, the position of tape as the ideal low-cost data archiving solution is being strengthened. LTO-7 Ultrium data cartridges take that evolution one stage further, offering outstanding capacity (15 TB per tape), performance (1.1 TB/hr native transfer speed) and the same innovation (LTFS, encryption) durability and scalability customers have enjoyed with earlier generations of LTO Ultrium.

LTO-7 is the seventh generation of the world's most successful tape drive and is HPE's highest-capacity, fastest and most reliable tape drive yet. Let's take a closer look at the technology, use cases and business value that LTO-7 delivers.

LTO-7 delivers breakthrough innovation in capacity, performance and reliability

More capacity

2.4x more capacity

Save more with higher storage density per £ and fewer cartridges to purchase and manage

As your data grows, you can maintain or reduce your existing tape footprint with LTO-7's greater storage capacity. The additional capacity offered by LTO-7 (now up to 15TB compressed) means that fewer tapes are required to store the same amount of data. This smaller tape count results in a reduction in both the number of library slots needed and the cost for offsite storage. This incredible density lets you maximize the amount of data that can be stored per square foot of expensive data center real estate.

Better performance

1.8x faster performance

Increase efficiency with fewer tape drives required to meet service levels

LTO-7's enhanced data rate (now up to 300 MB/seconds native) provides a 1.8x performance increase compared to LTO-6. This performance boost translates into the need for less tape drives to do the same amount of work.

Higher reliability

100x more data reliability

Ensure long-term data availability with industry's lowest bit error rate

LTO-7 also delivers higher reliability with a two orders of magnitude superior bit error rate compared to LTO-6 that is particularly important for Big Data archives. Put another way, you are now more likely to hit by lightning, get killed by a shark or win a multi-million dollar lottery than encounter an error on LTO-7 media that could not be fixed by ECC!

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call 020 547 06 06 or email sales@miscosolutions.com

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