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The workplace is everywhere—and delivering a superior user experience to your customers, employees, and partners is a major driver of productivity. To be competitive, the modern enterprise needs to support ubiquitous access, seamless communication, and high-performing applications, all without jeopardizing data security and corporate assets. That’s where HPE and Misco come in.

Business outcomes

Today's challenges


Typical transformation objectives

Increased agility and flexibility
Reduced cost
Revenue and profit
Managed risk
Improved customer experience
Enhanced employee experience
Increasing cost—meeting user expectations is more and more costly and time-consuming due to aging, rigid infrastructure
Desk-bound workers—wired networks, with separate voice and data, make desktop devices a necessity, limiting opportunities for creative collaboration
Mobility constrained—inadequate support for mobile devices stifles productivity and prompts employee workarounds that create risk
Limited by legacy investments—options for technology refresh are constrained by past purchasing decisions
Greater efficiency—software-defined infrastructure and user-based management reduces costs, and improves user experience
Seamless communication and collaboration—high performance wireless, new working practices, and cross-device collaboration, all at reduced cost
Anywhere workforce—flexibility to work anywhere, on any device, while contextualized mobile access management ensures security
Adaptable investment strategy—flexibility to evolve capabilities, devices, and applications in line with business needs

HPE and Misco vision of a user-centric
approach to improve workplace

  • Take a user-centric approach to improve workplace productivity:
  • Start by getting the right foundation
  • Progress to mobility and unified communication and collaboration
  • Unlock additional productivity gains with customer and end-user contextualisation and personalisation

How HPE and Misco can help

Make your IT accessible in any place, on any device

Implement a mobile-friendly and easy-to-manage infrastructure foundation that allows high-quality connectivity for users, in any place, on any device, without compromising security
  • Deliver a superior and secure wired and wireless experience— with a Mobile First approach to the office and campus
  • Simplify and streamline network management
  • Enable remote and mobile access with client virtualisation
  • Securely support multiple mobile devices, including BYOD
Deliver high-quality applications that perform everywhere

Develop and deliver applications to customers, employees, and partners that offer superior performance at any place, at any time, on any platform
  • Digitize business processes and develop mobile apps
  • Test applications in real-world scenarios to ensure peak performance
  • Monitor your apps in the field and use analytics to identify ways to improve performance
  • Present rich virtualized applications to any device
Empower your employees with better communication and collaboration tools

Connect your physical office, virtual team, or group with the most effective communication and file-sharing tools, and next-gen collaboration platforms
  • Enable seamless, multi-modal communications across organizational boundaries
  • Facilitate file-sharing and collaboration between employees, partners, and customers
  • Deliver a reliable and high-quality Mobile Collaboration experience with voice and video optimized wireless networks

To find out more speak to one of our specialists,
call 020 547 06 06 or email sales@miscosolutions.com

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