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Protection is top of mind—all businesses must manage the emerging risks created by the proliferation of apps, new consumption models and the shift to mobile and cloud. With HPE and Misco, you can access all the benefits of an app-centric, hybrid world, while proactively protecting your network, business data and interactions across any location or device.

Business outcomes

Today's challenges


Typical transformation objectives

Increased agility and flexibility
Reduced cost
Revenue and profit
Managed risk
Improved customer experience
Enhanced employee experience
Growing threats and vulnerabilities—lack of integrated protection mechanisms and inadequate technology maintenance and testing
Reactive strategy—uncoordinated spending compliance issues and under investment in broader capabilities to handle emerging threats and data protection gaps
Fragmented operations—manual and siloed allocation of backup jobs to target devices, managed separately from business applications themselves with fragmented security controls
Over-reliance on tools—tools have limited impact due to insufficient integration, staff are not adequately trained, and security processes are sub optimal
Built-in resilience—automated and integrated data protection and security controls, robust security governance and high-availability infrastructure
Planned eco-system—strategic planning enables investment in sophisticated enterprise security solutions, latest protection topologies and tools for compliance
Adaptive and federated back up—sintegrated tools, elastic pools of protection capacity and analytic -based optimisation to balance performance and cost
Integrated solutions—regular assessments of capabilities ensure people, technology and processes are aligned to deliver better business outcomes

HPE and Misco vision for a more secure IT eco-system

Your digital business has outgrown your protection capabilities.

  • Rapid growth has broken protection for on-premise datacenter and managed devices
  • Shift to mobile and cloud has introduced new vulnerabilities for off-premise information

How HPE and Misco can help

Prepare for attacks with the latest security intelligence

Get threat intelligence that is relevant and real-time
  • Understand threats relevant to your business
  • Get help to better understand your threat environment
Protect your network and data against security threats

Harden defences and secure interactions across traditional infrastructure and emerging cloud and mobile platforms
  • Reinforce the perimeter to deter intrusions
  • Manage your data to secure your most sensitive information
  • Encrypt your data to maintain compliance
Detect and manage potential security breaches with powerful analytics

Proactively address security concerns through early detection and remediation and extend your capabilities with powerful analytics
  • Use analytics to detect anomalies/intrusions in the network
  • Identify vulnerabilities in your environment
  • Access professional incident response services
Ensure business continuity through data management and protection

Assure service levels with application-centric integration of primary and backup for efficient protection and rapid recovery
  • Assure critical services levels with rapid recovery
  • Shield your data from ongoing threats

To find out more speak to one of our specialists,
call 020 547 06 06 or email sales@miscosolutions.com

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