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Users need to be productive on their mobile devices. Organisations are looking for ways to build and support cost-effective Wi-Fi networks that deliver the best connectivity.

Controllerless Wi-Fi solutions are simple and affordable. They eliminate the need for additional controller hardware by distributing functionality such as authentication and configuration to the access points (AP).

Aruba networks

Aruba is the only controllerless Wi-Fi solution that delivers business-grade security, resiliancy and flexiblity with the simplicity of zero-touch deployment. Aruba instant is simple to set up and does not requre network expertise to deploy and manage.

One dynamically-elected instant AP automatically distributes the network configuration to other instant APs in the network. Simply power-up one instant AP, configure it over the air or in the cloud, and plug in the other APs - this process only takes around five minutes.

Aruba central simplifies network operations by providing zero-touch setup, centralised management of multiple aruba instant networks, historcal data reporting, PCI compliance monitoring and troubleshooting for networks located anywhere.

Solution benefits

Fast Network

  • Wi-Fi setup in minutes.
  • Airtime fairness allows more clients to move faster on the network.
  • Always-on scanning avoids performance-slowing interference.
  • Aruba Instant APs optimise Wi-Fi channel use and power to speed-up clients.

Resilient Network

  • 100% functional WLAN without a WAN link.
  • Integrated spectrum management without compromise to identify and self-heal around Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi interference.
  • Redundant ISP uplink and 3G/4G uplink option.

Flexible architechture

  • Single architecture across headquarters, branch and home.
  • Local, cloud and on-premises management options.
  • AppRF technology performs deep packet inspection and web content filtering.
  • Internal RADIUS server on Aruba Instant AP, plus flexible external AAA options.
  • 100% investment protection to convert to controller-managed APs.

Simple Guest Access

Guest access to your network can be secure and uncomplicated for you and your visitors. Simply create a guess network and determine who gets access, how and what they get access to.

Using the simple built-in captive portal or customisable externally hosted portal for guest to easily login. Secure the network by authenticating users with built-in guest accounts or integrate with external authentication servers.

Aruba instant is a cost-effective business-grade Wi-Fi solution.

Low Capex

Aruba instant has enterprise-grade features embedded into the AP. Eliminating the hardware and maintainance expense of a seperate controller, but keep all of the performance and reliability advantages.

Low Opex

Aruba instant Wi-Fi integrates everything to the AP - controller functions, security, ARM(TM) RF management, ClientMatch performance optimisation and AppRF to imporve the use of bandwidth, priority and network paths. Due to is easy set up you won't need a dedicated wireless expert.

Investment Proection

Aruba offers controllerless and controller-managed Wi-Fi with public cloud, private cloud and on premises management. You are not locked into one architecture, so when your needs change, you keep 100% of your investmen.

No hardware changes - aruba instant APs can utilise VPNs to access centralised resources like guest access or authentication services from your headquarters.

Aruba instant APs convert to contoller managed mode, enabling you to mix and match the right solution to the right location

No Licences

Aruba does not require any licenses so simply set up and get started!

Enhanced user experience and productivity

The Aruba InstantOS(tm) comes with integrated Adaptive Radio Management(TM) (ARM) technology, which optomises Wi-Fi behaviour and automatically ensure the instant APs stay clear from RF interference, resulting in a reliable, higher-performing wireless network.

It also integrates ClientMatch (TM) technology, which continuously gathers session performance metrics from mobile devices. These are then used to inteligently steer individual users to the best AP with the stongest Wi-Fi singals are users move.

Secure and optimise your network with smart application handling

AppRF(TM) technology in Aruba Instant inteligently monitors application useage and web traffic to secure and optimise network performance.

Deep packet inspection (DPI) monitors mobile app useage and performance while optimising bandwidth,priority and network paths in real time - even for apps that are encrypted or appear as web traffic.

AppRF provides insight into over 1800 apps such as GoToMeeting, Box, Lync and SharePoint. This technology also provides web contnent filtering, enabling IT to control what user can browse on the internet. AppRF redirects URL requests to a cloud database that contains up to date content and reputation information about millions of web pages. You can determine what types of what types of web browsing and web apps are allowed on the network for different users or different times. Additionally you can combine rules that allow allow facebook traffic traffic but block other social media or permit Netflix traffic but only after business hours.

Aruba AppRF will catch new types of web attacks before they cause damage. Users can be configured to use the AppRF web content filter even when they're not connected to an Aruba instant network, which keeps you safe wherever you are.

Avoid Business disruptions due to Wi-Fi failure

Aruba Instant is a reilient network with advanced business-grade features that keep networks up and running, even if an internet connection fails.

Arubas key capabilities:

  • Network survivability to the last AP. The controller function of an individual Instant network transitions seamlessly from one AP to the next, to the last AP with no disruptions and administrator intervention.
  • Duel ethernet uplinks leverage already-strong uplink resiliency options. Internet from two connections from two different ISPs can now plug into one instant AP. This feature give you the best-possible internet availability.
  • Supports a variety of 3G/4G USB modems that split into Arubas APs.
  • Flexible image upgrade features let you download firmware now and reboot later during off hours. This lets you have the office on time and upgrade when on one is using the network.
  • Spectrum load-balancing evens out user load accross channels in a dense deployment. Everyone gets faster access through more efficient use of the available wireless spectrum.

To find out more speak to one of our specialists,
call 020 547 06 06 or email sales@miscosolutions.com

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